Be more active with Active IQ

Active IQ does make a big difference and it’s a part of the whole NetApp solution, it includes with an active support contract. Let’s take a closer look below why Customers and Partners can benefit a lot if they’d use Active IQ.

During my Partner enabling workshops I always do an Active IQ Demo where I show the following:

  • Inventory of NetApp systems
  • One-click capacity and contract renewal requests
  • Health summary and trends
  • Upgrade recommendations
  • Risk Advisor and Storage Efficiency Advisor services

I always tell the Partners if they’re going to use Active IQ at the customer site, then the customer will be impressed and more informed. They will also be the trusted data advisor of the customer. To the sales consultant, it would be great if they could show the NetApp systems on the Active IQ mobile app and show the customers the Active IQ dashboard. Recommendation of alternate service-level options to optimize workload performance is also a huge plus.

Most of my Partners are very impressed, when they hear about the intelligence behind Active IQ like:

  • Each day, Active IQ receives telemetry data from more than 300,000 assets around the globe, adding to a multi-petabyte data lake that processes 10 trillion data points each month.
  • With a highly diverse installed base, Active IQ has a rich set of data for machine learning and predictive analytics, leading to deeper more advanced insights.
  • Active IQ turns these intelligent insights into prescriptive guidance that can reduce risk, increase data availability, and simplify management.

Active IQ demos are very powerful tool and the Partner loves it and Active IQ can make the difference to win a project against a competitor.

What’s new:

Active IQ Unified Manager

Active IQ provides context sensitive link and ability to launch to the Unified Manager instance to manage the on-premises ONTAP Systems.

Data Center View

Data Center view has been enhanced with automated interoperability validation providing remediation recommendation, and the ability to view hosts connected to a cluster.

Workload Tagging

Active IQ mobile application has been enhanced to display the workloads with their capacities and efficiencies that are tagged in the desktop version of Active IQ. The enhanced filter can now filter the workloads based on the tag types.

Active IQ OneCollect and Active IQ Config Advisor

Active IQ OneCollect and Active IQ Config Advisor have been enhanced with advanced search capabilities to search for AutoSupport data, and to view the host and storage configuration using Active IQ Cluster Viewer.

Storage Efficiency

Storage efficiency savings dashboard has been enhanced to include information about AFF and non-AFF systems at customer level.

Fabric Pool Advisor

This new advisor provides a summary of the inactive data and helps to tier the inactive data. The advisor also summarizes a list of the aggregates for which Inactive Data Reporting (IDR) is not enabled and provides recommendations to enable IDR.

API Services

Simplified the documentation to make it easier to understand and use the Active IQ APIs.

Config Compare

Config Compare has been updated with drift dashboard and instant comparison of systems and clusters.

Discovery Dashboard Enhancements

Discovery Dashboard has been enhanced to include additional fields like IO Density and Headroom. You can now export data to Microsoft Excel with filters applied, and watchlists with over 5,000 systems being routed to reports.

At NetApp Insight 2019 we were able to see the preview on how Active IQ will look like:

This upcoming release of Active IQ will include a redesigned and action-oriented interface, customizable dashboards, and improved integrations with Cloud Insights and Unified Manager. All customers with an active SupportEdge contract will be able to take advantage of this exciting new release.

So, stay tuned and make yourself familiar with Active IQ.

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